Loans without BIK

Loan companies that cooperate with BIK are required to register all their clients in the database. Non-bank loans from such companies are visible in BIK. It doesn’t matter if the obligations were paid on time or late.

Polish Bank Association, which aims to collect and exchange information about customers using the services of banks, jumps and loan companies .

BIK is nothing but an ordinary company that provides services to its clients. “Membership” in the Credit Information Bureau is completely voluntary.

The rule is simple – if an entity wants to check its clients in BIK, it must also provide it with its information.

This means that all information about the obligations of persons using various financial products of companies registered in the BIK (including payday loans) go to the database. The information is divided into negative (delays in repayment) and positive (repaid on time).

How to check if a given company will register you in BIK?


Remember that all entities are required to obtain your consent to the processing of personal data. Therefore, you must agree to both check and register at BIK. If the company does not receive your consent – it cannot use BIK.

In the case of paper contracts – such consents are attached to the loan application (or are part of it). On the Internet, consent to be checked in BIK is usually done by checking the appropriate “box” when registering an account on the payday page.

Read the article, from which you will find out what else checks payday loans.

How to remove payday loans from BIK


Information about unpaid payday payables appears in BIK after exceeding 60 days from the planned repayment date. Such data can be processed without the client’s consent for a period of 5 years. This information negatively affects the assessment of creditworthiness.

Information on payday payable can be removed from BIK by itself in the case of:

  • withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data after the expiry of the obligation (Article 105 a paragraph 2 of the Banking Act) or the expiry of the period for which consent was given
  • 5 years of processing personal data without the consent of the customer after the expiry of the obligation
  • data that has been incorrectly or mistakenly entered into the BIK

and now humanly ?


Let’s assume you haven’t paid back payday pay. After 60 days, your commitment will be given a “negative” status and will remain in the database for the next 5 years. After 90 days, you pay off all your liabilities to the loan company. Despite this – negative information is still visible in the database. If you want to take out a loan or other loan in the next 5 years – there may be a problem.

In this case, after settling the obligation, you apply to BIK (preferably by registered mail) in which you write:

“Based on Article. 105a paragraph 2 of the Banking Act, I withdraw my consent to the use of my personal data by BIK and I ask for their removal from the database

Then BIK checks if your commitment has been settled – and if so, it is obliged to delete your data from the database (you again have a clean account).

Attention! On the Internet you can find offers of companies that try to take advantage of consumers’ ignorance and offer paid data deletion from BIK. You don’t need such services for anything. You can do it for free and completely independently.

After sending such a letter, you can check online whether the post has been deleted.